• Length 9.04 miles
  • From Route 22 in North Branford
  • To US 5 in Wallingford

Route 150 is a north-south route (that used to be an east-west route) through Wallingford. It intersects US 5 twice: once at its northern terminus, and again downtown. The northern half of the interchange with I-91 in Wallingford is actually found along E. Center St, SR 738.

Route 150 shares a one-lane railroad underpass with Route 71, controlled with a traffic light. This underpass, built in 1838, is reported to be the first skew arch underpass built in America.

The state was planning improvements in the area circa 1997, because of increased commercial traffic along US 5, but does not plan to modify the underpass.

CT 150 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 150 followed today's Route 156 between Route 82 and US 1.

The modern Route 150 was commissioned in 1932, but has seen some changes over the years. Until about 1950, it started in Cheshire center, going southeast into Wallingford along Wallingford Road, and continuing on East Center Street to near McKenzie Reservoir. (The "to 150" exit on southbound I-91 places you on East Center Street, which originally was Route 150.)

In 1961, it was extended along Northford Road to Route 17. In 1963, it was moved again to its current routing on Northford Road; in addition, the Old Turnpike Road segment to Tracy was added.

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