Route 164 shares an interchange at I-395 with Route 138; to the dismay of many along the road, it's well known as a shortcut from I-395 to Foxwoods Casino.

CT 164 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 164 followed today's (Route 83) between South Manchester and East Glastonbury.

The modern Route 164 was commissioned in 1932, and has had few if any changes since then.

In the 1960s, the region proposed a freeway along the Route 117 and Route 164 corridors, connecting I-395 to Route 2A in Ledyard and I-95 in Groton.

In 1979, the Southeastern Connecticut Regional Planning Agency recommended a smaller-scale connection, uniting Routes 164 and 117 to create another north-south route from Groton to Jewett City. This would relieve traffic on nearby Route 12.

The improvements would include reconstructing Route 117, realigning Church Hill Rd. and Fanning Rd., and building a 1-mile extension from there to meet Route 164 at Route 2.

CT 164 Future

Late 1990s traffic studies in the area have recommended upgrades for Route 164, since it's the most direct route from Foxwoods to I-395 and points north. The upgrades would be minor, including uniform lane width, wider shoulders, and fixes to a few intersections. (The freeway proposal is not being revived.)

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