CT 163
  • Length 12.86 miles
  • From Route 32 in Montville
  • To SR 612 (just north of Route 2) in Bozrah

I... don't have much to say about this road. It's an inland connection from Montville to Bozrah; it skirts a few lakes; and... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mathematicians think the number itself is pretty cool, perhaps even the coolest of all.

To the rescue comes Johnna Kaplan, author of the The Size of Connecticut blog:

Is Route 163 barns and countryside, tractor-crossing signs, and mist rising over tall grass?

Is it rust and neon signs and broken windows and peeling paint?

Is it a reminder of those who traveled this way hundreds of years past?

Is it little Post Offices, general stores, the sun peeking from behind the clouds, and wreaths on church doors?

Is it narrow rivers, highway overpasses, truck parts and pizza and the remains of what's been torn apart?


Go check out her photos of Route 163 scenery. Then go see her Flickr site.

CT 163 History

In 1932, Route 163 was created as a shorter route between Route 32 and Route 82 only. The Bozrah Street segment north of Route 82 (which includes today's Bozrah Street Extension) was SR 655.

In 1936, SR 655 was incorporated into Route 163, whose north end was now the corner of Bozrah Street and Fitchville Road in Bozrah

When the Route 2 freeway opened in 1971, Route 163 was relocated to Haughton Road to accommodate the new interchange.

CT 163 Sources