CT 152

Route 152 is all about Orange: connecting its historic village center and town green to its major east-west arteries. It has changed very little in more than 80 years. The state once wanted to remove it from its highway system, but advocates of retaining Route 152 prevailed.

CT 152 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 152 followed today's Route 45.

The modern Route 152 was commissioned in 1932; few or no changes since then. However, the state did intend to decommission the route per the 1961 reclassification act, and this remained in arbitration until 1969. The state ended up keeping Route 152 in the state highway system.

CT 152 Future

Orange may ask to extend routes

In 2014, consultants for the city of Orange noted a few city streets that are acting as arterial routes for traffic between I-95 and US 1:

Their recommendations, based on the above:

... the Town should request that the Connecticut Department of Transportation consider incorporating these two roads into the State Highway system as follows:

• Designate South Lambert Road / Marsh Hill Road as part of State Route 152 (Orange Center Road) and route SR 152 over the section of Route 1 between Orange Center Road and South Lambert Road

• Designate Indian River Road / Racebrook Road as part of State Route 114 (Racebrook Road).

In other words:

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