CT 114

Route 114 is an L-shaped route, with a section marked east-west and the other north-south; and one of a handful of numbered routes crossing Route 15 with no access.

CT 114 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 114 followed today's Route 17 between New Haven and Durham. There was no numbered state highway following today's Route 114.

The modern Route 114, commissioned in 1932, originally had a square "C" shape open to the east, composed of Center Rd and Race Brook Rd (today's Route 114) and Ansonia Rd (today's Route 243) eastward back to Route 63. Race Brook Road to the south was unsigned SR 442. To the west, for an undetermined length and time period, was (probably unsigned) Route 114A.

In 1951, the bottom of the "C" was relocated from Ansonia Road to continue south along Race Brook Road to US 1, replacing SR 442. (This segment has also been called SR 552 in state documents). Route 114 hasn't changed since then.

CT 114 Future

Orange may ask to extend routes

In 2014, consultants for the city of Orange noted a few city streets that are acting as arterial routes for traffic between I-95 and US 1:

Their recommendations, based on the above:

... the Town should request that the Connecticut Department of Transportation consider incorporating these two roads into the State Highway system as follows:

• Designate South Lambert Road / Marsh Hill Road as part of State Route 152 (Orange Center Road) and route SR 152 over the section of Route 1 between Orange Center Road and South Lambert Road

• Designate Indian River Road / Racebrook Road as part of State Route 114 (Racebrook Road).

In other words:

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