In contrast to the mainframe and biotech companies along Massachusetts' Route 128, Connecticut's version offers a covered bridge and other Litchfield County scenery.

CT 128 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 128 followed today's US 202 from Danbury to Torrington. In 1932, that became part of Route 25.

The modern Route 128 was commissioned in 1932, taking over from the old SH 309, and hasn't changed since then.

Cornwall Bridge (CT 128)Covered Bridge, Route 128, West Cornwall. From cover of 1974 official state highway map.

The West Cornwall Bridge on Route 128 (pictured) is one of two remaining covered bridges in Connecticut open to traffic. It was constructed in 1864, on the site of an earlier bridge built in 1841.

In 1969 the state was planning to remove the bridge from the state highway system and declare it a historical landmark. I don't know if the DOT had planned to build another bridge carrying Route 128 or to truncate the route. However, the bridge was kept in the system.

In 1973 the state rehabilitated the bridge and installed a concealed steel deck to help bear traffic loads. The bridge was also raised two feet for greater protection against flood waters. This work garnered a first-place award from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for preservation of a historic site.

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