What to say about Route 43? It's entirely within the town of Cornwall, but at least it's not the shortest route in town (that honor goes to Route 125, the shortest signed route in the state). It used to be longer.

CT 43 History

Routes 43 and 63 in CornwallThe Cornwall area in this 1949 state map shows the old alignment of Route 61 (which became part of 63) near Route 43.

Route 43 was commissioned in 1932, from the old State Highway 132. Its original route was 9.97 miles, from Route 4 in Cornwall to US 7 in Canaan, including a segment of today's Route 63. At that time, Route 61 (now Route 63) followed Hautboy Hill Road to end at Route 43 in Cornwall Hollow.

In 1943, Route 61 was replaced by Route 63 from Morris to Cornwall.

On Sept. 11, 1951, Route 63 was relocated to Hollenbeck Road in Goshen, its modern diagonal alignment toward Canaan. It also replaced Route 43 from their intersection to US 7. Route 43's new length was 5.12 miles. Between then and now, its length decreased 0.06 mile.

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