Route 125 is Connecticut's shortest signed state highway. It used to be a few blocks longer than it is now.

CT 125 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 125 followed a 15-mile stretch of Route 67 between New Milford (US 7) and Southbury (US 6).

Today's Route 125 was commissioned on Jan. 1, 1932, and originally started at the corner of Pine Street and Jewell Street in Cornwall's town center. The highway included all of Pine Street as well as Grange Hall Road (today's Route 125), for a total of 1.46 miles.

In 1962, the state removed the Pine Street part of Route 125, turning it over to the town. However, its original intent in 1961 was to delete the entire route from the state highway system. For some reason Route 125 dodged that bullet; in 1962 or 1963 the decision was made to retain it as a state highway.

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