CT 127

Route 127 is an urban and suburban street, mostly two lanes, serving the east side of Bridgeport and the center of Trumbull. In its nearly seven miles it intersects four divided highways (I-95, Route 8, Route 15, and Route 25); though few drivers passing through might have driven Route 127, almost everyone has heard of it.

CT 127 History

Photo for Route 127 exit on I-95 NBCirca 2004, new signs on I-95 started mentioning Route 127. Photo taken on I-95 northbound, May 2006, by Kurumi

In the 1920s, State Highway 127 followed the old Route 130 west of US 7 in Kent.

The modern Route 127, commissioned in 1932, originally had its south end at US 1, for a length of 5.47 miles. Around that time, it was being called the "New Trumbull Road".

In 1978, Route 127's south end was pulled back to Huntington Turnpike (SR 730), for a length of 4.69 miles. In 1992, it was extended back to US 1; and in 1995, extended again to Route 130.

Until about 2004, Route 127 appeared not to be signed south of US 1. A photo once available at Gribblenation showed Route 127 signed there only to the north. During the recent construction on I-95 in the area, new signs were added, now mentioning Route 127 (see photo).

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