CT 129
  • Summary An old north-south route in New Milford
  • From Jan. 1, 1932
  • To 1962

Commissioned in 1932, Route 129 connected downtown New Milford with the northern village of Merryall. Its route, south to north, was 6.79 miles:

Route 129 served the old Mica Quarry, which even by 1935 had been abandoned. From 1932 to 1940, it ended at Route 130 there; Route 130 was soon abandoned as well. The former intersection of routes 129 and 130 is probably very quiet these days.

Route 129 disappeared from the official state highway map in 1941, but reappeared in 1942.

In 1961, the state hired consulting engineers to reclassify all state highways and come up with a recommended highway system. Route 129 was not on the new system, and was turned over to the town in 1962.

Route 129 is mentioned only twice in the Hartford Courant: both times in 1973, in the context of routine New Milford announcements, 11 years after the route was discontinued.

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