Known locally as Willington Hill Road and Ruby Road, Route 320 serves as a connection to I-84 from Willington and Storrs. In a way, it resembles what Route 229 does for Bristol.

CT 320 History

In the 1920s, state highway 320 followed today's Route 177, between Route 4 and US 44.

A sign saying "Cemetery Road" – maybe you'd want to steal that. But who wants a sign that reads "Route 320"?
Willington First Selectman Robert J. Smith, commenting on a rash of sign theft in 1976

Today's Route 320 was a originally a pair of locally maintained roads. In 1960, the state Committee to Reclassify All Public Roads recommended adding them to the state highway system. In 1962, they were given the unsigned designation SR 520; a year later, SR 520 became Route 320.

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