5.09 miles; from Route 17 in Durham to Route 66 in Middlefield. Its orientation changes over those five miles: it's signed south at Route 66, and west at Route 17.

CT 147 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 147 followed today's Route 67 between US 6 and Route 63.

The modern Route 147 was commissioned in 1932. Its location was identical to today's, except for one segment in the middle:

Around that time, Baileyville Road east of West Street was SR 602.

In 1940, West Street became SR 602 and all of Baileyville Road became Route 147. By 1942, that was where Route 147 ended, as a 2.34-mile road between US 6A (today's Route 66) and Route 157.

In 1966, Route 147 was re-extended to Route 17, and Route 157 was extended southwestward to Route 68.

CT 147 Sources