• Length 13.00 miles
  • From US 1 in Branford
  • To US 1 in Guilford

Route 146, which would make a decent Route 1A, is a state scenic road. The Danbury News-Times wrote:

"Take this 12.2-mile tour through the shoreline towns of Branford and Guilford. Enjoy the cool, sea breezes as you pass salt ponds and scenic marshland. see dreamy summer cottages, magnificent beach front homes, and the popular Thimble Islands just offshore. Or taste the catch of the day at one of our many local restaurants. For all the 'salty dogs' out there, this is one Connecticut road you won't want to miss."

By all means, don't take your 18-wheeler: a railroad overpass along the route will peel the top off anything taller than 8 feet, 8 inches.

The Route 146 Historic District, a 4-mile stretch leading from Flat Rock Road in Branford to the West River Bridge in Guilford, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

CT 146 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 146 followed today's Route 195 between US 44 and Route 89.

The modern Route 146 was commissioned in 1932. Its original length was 8.04 miles, and followed this route, from west to east:

In 1962, it was extended westward to US 1A in Branford, taking over parts of Stony Creek Rd., Totoket Rd., and the former Route 143. In 1963, US 1A was deleted in Branford, and Route 146 was extended further westward to US 1.

Turning things around, here's what each portion of today's Route 146 was designated originally:

CT 146 Sources