• Length: 1.93 miles
  • From: US 1 in Stonington
  • To: US 1 in Stonington

US 1a is the only surviving alternate US route in Connecticut; historically there were about twenty. Present-day US 1A is a southern loop of US 1 serving downtown Stonington. Until 1939, it was part of US 1 itself.

US 1A History

A listing of the several historical US 1A's in the state, from west to east:

The first entry deserves an asterisk because US Route 1A was the planning number for the Merritt Parkway. No route number signs were erected until it became part of Route 15 in 1948.

US 1A was also proposed for CT 184 and RI 3, as a compromise for Connecticut's proposal to reroute US 1 there. However, that was not followed through.

US 1A Sources