Route 157 is Main Street in Middlefield, providing a diagonal entrance to Middletown and another diagonal exit to Route 68, I-91 and points south.

CT 157 History

Commissioned in 1932, Route 157 was originally a 7.03-mile route:

Along the way, Route 157 intersected the old Route 159 twice (Cherry Hill Road), and an old alignment of Route 217 (Jackson Hill Road).

The present-day segment of Route 157 leading toward Route 68 (Reeds Gap Road and Skeet Club Road) was locally maintained until 1935, when the Durham portion became SR 623. In 1962, SR 623 was extended into Middlefield to Main Street. In 1964, SR 623 was renumbered to SR 599 to fit the new geographic-based numbering system.

In 1966, the south half of Route 157 was moved west to take over SR 599; and Route 147 was extended over former Route 157 to Route 17.

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