• Summary An old number for part of today's Route 272 between Route 4 in Torrington and US 44 in Norfolk.
  • From c. 1925
  • To Jan. 1, 1932

Until 1932, state highway 312 followed what is now Route 272 between Route 4 and US 44.

CT 312 More...

New York resident Pat Defeo suggests dusting off the 312 number for a new route: an extension of NY 312. Here's his proposal:

"Extend NY 312 in the Town of Southeast (north of Brewster), which currently ends at NY 22, by multiplexing with NY 22 north for about 1/2 mile, then turning northeast onto Doansburg Rd (CR 65), then east onto Fairfield Dr (CR 65, then CR 66) in Putnam Lake, Town of Patterson. NY 312 becomes CT 312 (no such route exists) in the Town of New Fairfield, terminating about 5/8 mile east at CT 39 next to Ball Pond. The Route 312 extension in CT would work well since "312" is one of only two (other is "746") phone exchanges in New Fairfield."

(The Connecticut portion is Fairfield Drive, already a state road, but unsigned: SR 813).

Massachusetts resident Neil Kelly adds:

"Okay, so we have CT 312 coming up Fairfield Drive in New Fairfield. Cosign it along CT 39 southward to Gilotti Road (less than 500'). Route it along Gilotti Road in front of the New Fairfield schools to the other end, where it meets CT 39 again. Route it down Barnum Road into Danbury where it ends at Route 37.

"I love the idea of routing a new state route practically through my backyard!"

And so it is with Connecticut roadgeeks: they can move out of state, but still can't resist tinkering with its highways :-)

But that's not all. In June 2000, Mr. DeFeo continued:

"Let's reroute CT 37 away from 'downtown' New Fairfield by turning right onto seldom-used Warwick Road (Route 37A until 1963), then down the west side of (POWER)Ball Pond (hey, sports arenas now have corporate names!), and down Clapboard Ridge Road to I-84 (unless you want to continue south and eliminate CT 53). Then, shorten CT 39 by making Warwick Road the southern terminous. Finally, replace the current CT 37 (I-84 north to Warwick Road) with a rookie-CT 237. Let's see NK tinker with this one!

If I were a New Fairfielder, I'd be gratified that so many people want to improve my highway system :-)