CT 147

This short route is officially a north-south road, but is signed east-west at Route 17. The main points of interest along the route include some scenery along Lake Beseck and an alternating one-way pair of roads at the north end of the Route 157 overlap.

CT 147 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 147 followed today's Route 67 between US 6 and Route 63.

The modern Route 147 was commissioned in 1932. The records I have conflict on whether it started at Route 17 in Durham or Route 157 in Middlefield. The 1932 state map shows a route similar to today's; but maps starting in 1935 show the shorter route. The state's route change spreadsheet does not record a change for Route 147 at this time. Map misprint; or missing change record?

Here's how Route 147 and/or Route 157 looked like in 1932:

Around that time, Baileyville Road east of West Street was SR 602.

In 1940, West Street took over the SR 602 designation, and all of Baileyville Road became Route 147, which was then 2.34 miles long.

In 1966, Route 147 was extended to Route 17, replacing Route 157 there; and Route 157 was instead extended southwestward to Route 68. There have been no changes since then.

CT 147 Sources