• Length 4.27 miles
  • From US 1 in East Haven
  • To US 1 in Branford

Route 142 is one of several shoreline loop routes along US 1.

CT 142 History

Extended Rtes. 142 and 100, 1963 to 1969
Route 142 absorbed today's Route 337; scan from 1965 official mapFrom 1963 to about 1970, Route 142 incorporated today's Route 337. Scan from 1965 official state highway map.

Commissioned in 1932, Route 142 originally followed the same alignment as now. In 1963, it was extended westward along today's Route 337 to end at Forbes Ave. in New Haven (US 1 near I-95 exit 50). Route 100 was extended southward along Hemingway Ave. and Short Beach Rd. to end at Route 142.

In 1969, the state reversed its change to Route 142, and the abandoned section became unsigned SR 704. (In 1987, SR 704 became Route 337.)

In the 1940s, Route 142 (now Short Beach Road) was called Main Street in the village of Short Beach. Like many urban-area streets, it once carried a trolley; but the tracks were removed when Main Street was reconstructed in 1946.

CT 142 Sources