CT 143
  • Summary An old numbering for part of Route 146 in Branford
  • From Jan 1, 1932
  • To July 23, 1962
UFO-quality photo of Route 143 sign
Rt. 143 and US 1A signs, BranfordThe picture was scanned from a circa-1950 postcard depicting the center green in Branford. The shield on the right (difficult to read) is US 1A.

The old Route 143 ran south and east from the old US 1A in Branford along Montowese Ave, Lakewood Ave, and Elizabeth St to end at 2nd Ave. in Pine Orchard, for a length of 2.73 miles. Both that section of US 1A and all of Route 143 became part of Route 146 in 1962.

CT 143 Sources