• Length 12.36 miles; 4.24 miles in Connecticut.
  • From US 202 in Somers, N. Y.
  • To Route 35 in Ridgefield, Conn.

Route 116 is a prime example of inter-state cooperation in state route numbering: part of Connecticut Route 33 was renumbered for continuity with New York route 116.

CT 116 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 116 followed today's Route 10 between Farmington (at Route 4) and Granby (at Route 20).

In 1932, Route 116 was created in the Torrington area: a 10.78-mile route from Route 8 in Harwinton to Route 4 in Collinsville along present-day Route 118 and Route 4.

In 1956, the segment between Litchfield Center (at US 202) and Route 8 was added.

In 1961, a new 2-lane limited access route opened between Routes 8 and 254, paralleling East Litchfield Road. There are no grade separations or interchanges; the state merely limits new properties or intersections on the road.

In 1963, Route 4 was shifted to its modern configuration in the area, and Route 116 was shortened to where Route 118 goes now. On Jan. 1, 1967 this was renumbered to 118, as the segment of Route 33 from Route 35 to the New York state line became the modern Route 116 -- to match up with NY 116 across the border.

CT 116 Sources