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I-790  New York (link)

2.41 miles [1note]; odd L-shaped freeway in Utica; parallels I-90 for 1.5 miles before going south with NY 5 and 12. Dates back to 1965 or earlier.

The road is reportedly barely noticeable these days around Utica as I-790 -- there are a few trailblazers for it, but no I-790 reassurance markers on the highway itself. [2note] Most locals refer to it as Routes 5, 8, and 12, or "the arterial." [3note]

J. P. Wing elaborated on the signing situation [4note]:

  • Number of signs for I-790 west on the Thruway: 3
  • Number on I-790 itself: 0
  • Number of signs for I-790 east: a few
  • Number of I-790 signs on the 5/8/12 overlap: 0

Furthermore, based on its reference markers, I-790 actually has four ends, not two (ASCII art by J. P. Wing):


... so missing signs could be considered a feature.

See a 790 trailblazer photo at J. P. Wing's Photo Gallery.


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