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I-890  New York (link)

9.35 miles [1note]; loop north of I-90 in Schenectady. Partly done in 1965.

This number was also considered for the "Outer Beltway," an outer loop through Buffalo's second ring suburbs. The road survives in small portions as Milestrip Road and the LaSalle Expressway in Niagara Falls. [3note]

A New York state highway was once planned to continue west across the Mohawk River through western Schenectady County, and end at NY 50 in southern Saratoga County. Until around 1990 drivers were "forced" off at the last exit, which went to the NY Thruway (I-90) and surface road NY 5S. The concrete pavement continued for a few hundred feet, heading toward the underside of a couple bridges for ramps that were never built, and the Mohawk River. ("bridges to nowhere over nothing!") [2note]

The state rebuilt the interchange slightly so the road to NY 5S crossed through the "eastbound" lane of weedy concrete, to improve that road's access. In early 1999, the freeway was extended across the river (utilizing the bridges to nowhere) to NY 5. The new section of road is signed state route 890, which is no surprise to those who have seen state routes 481, 690 and 787 do the same thing. [2note]

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