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I-690  New York (link)

14.19 miles [1note]; from I-90 west of Onondaga Lake, into Syracuse, ending at I-481 in East Syracuse. Opened in early 1970s.

When the interchange with I-90 was moved 2 miles north in 1989, extending I-690, the exits were renumbered. [2note]

When the "complicated" interchange with I-81 in Syracuse opened, brochures were mailed to all area residents on how to navigate it. [2note]

Extending I-690 eastward?

The interchange with I-481 has some ramps not used for motorists (they currently provide access to a NYSDOT maintenance yard.) It makes you wonder: was there originally a plan to extend I-690 east of there?

As it turns out, there were at least three proposals, none of them approved. They include: [4note]

  • extend to NY 257, and provide a new connector to NY 5 along an abandoned railway ROW into the Village of Fayetteville (1982)
  • extend as a four-lane surface arterial with signalized intersections, a la NY 787 in Cohoes (1987)
  • several proposals, but an emphasis on the extension to NY 257 (1993)
An underlying trend in the proposals: they do not include any connection back to the Thruway (Interstate 90). [4note]

I-690 has a traffic light that's activated during the 2-week New York State Fair to allow shuttle buses to cross from parking on the north side to the fairgrounds on the south. [3note] (Contrary to previous information, pedestrians are not allowed to cross here.)

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