• Length 47.4 miles
  • From Route 2 and Route 32 in Norwich
  • To US 20 in Charlton, Mass.

Route 169 is Connecticut's second most prestigious scenic road, after the Merritt Parkway. Both have nationwide prominence.

The Danbury News-Times writes:

"This 32-mile drive, from Lisbon through Woodstock, gives you a glimpse of what life was like for Yankee farmers. Gentle, rolling fields covered with corn stalks and apple orchards stretch as far as the eye can see. And beautiful old barns with towering grain silos still remain. Stop by Woodstock's Roseland Cottage - a national historic landmark. Or enjoy a sweet cup of cider from a roadside stand. Experience Route 169 and you'll understand why it was voted one of the top 10 scenic roads in the country by Scenic America."

CT 169 Turnpikes

Route 169 follows the old Norwich and Woodstock Turnpike, which was incorporated in 1801. In 1846, the corporation reported that it was losing money and had paid no dividend in six years, partially because of opening of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad a decade earlier. At this time, the corporation was relieved of obligation and the road was made free.

CT 169 History

The original Route 169, commissioned in 1932, was 3.07 miles long, following today's Route 27 from US 1 to state route 84 (now Route 184). In 1949, Route 27 was created, leading from Route 84 in Groton to Route 12 in Preston. In 1951, Route 27 was extended south, replacing the original Route 169.

The modern Route 169 was originally called Route 93, which was also commissioned in 1932. The number was changed in both Connecticut and Massachusetts to 169 in 1959, to avoid conflicts with planned Interstate 93.

CT 169 Sources