This winding road takes several 90-degree turns through Bethlehem. One of my photos along this route is now part of the Connecticut Roads logo, above.

CT 132 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 132 followed the old Route 43, which is now routes 43 and 63 between Cornwall and Canaan.

The modern Route 132, commissioned in 1932, has had few changes. However, the 1961 Route Reclassification called for Route 132 to be deleted from the state highway system and turned over to town maintenance. In late 1961 or in 1962, however, the state decided to keep it. Nonetheless, if highways had feelings, I imagine Route 132 would feel insulted.

The DOT spreadsheet implies, but does not make clear, that a relocation of Route 132 (to different existing town roads) was contemplated.

In November 2001, the Bethlehem Conservation Commission requested that Route 132 within town borders be designated a scenic road. However (and this piles on the insult), the request was declined.

CT 132 Sources