CT 47
  • Length 12.27 miles
  • From US 6 in Woodbury
  • To US 202 in Washington

Route 47 is another backcountry highway offering scenery not quite dramatic enough to be considered a state scenic road.

Numbering trivia: 47 is the only number less than 100 that has never been used for a U.S. or Interstate route.

CT 47 History

Route 47 was commissioned in 1932 from part of the old State Highway 154. It has seen no major changes since then; but a decrease in length of 0.15 miles since the 1940s hints at some minor realignments.

In late 1931, however, the state had a different plan for Route 47: starting at Route 67, follow North Street and Roxbury Road (today's Route 199) to Washington, then follow today's Route 47 northward. The portion of today's Route 47 between Woodbury and Washington was to be Route 134.

In 1963, area planners proposed extending Route 47 southeastward to a new Waterbury loop highway in the vicinity of Tuttle Road in Woodbury. This would have increased Route 47's role as a radial connector to northwest Connecticut from Waterbury. No specific widening or realignment was proposed for existing Route 47 however.

CT 47 Sources