CT 124
  • Length 9.41 miles
  • From US 1 in Darien
  • To New York state line in Darien

Route 124 once was a two-state highway, continuous with New York's Route 124; but now the two routes do not connect.

CT 124 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 124 followed today's Route 58.

The second Route 124, commissioned in 1932, extended 1.84 miles along Clayton Road, northeast from US 7 in North Canaan. As the road crossed the state line into Massachusetts, the Route 124 designation temporarily ended; however, when Clayton Road crossed back into Connecticut for a short time, that 0.14-mile segment was also part of Route 124.

On March 29, 1963, Route 124 was demoted to two "secret routes": SR 832, extending 1.23 miles from US 7 to the state line; and SR 834, the isolated 0.14-mile segment starting and ending at the state line.

MapQuest, which came into existence some time after 1963, used to show this road as Route 124, which would change into an equally nonexistent MA 73 across the border near Clayton. As far as I can tell, no Massachusetts state highway has ever existed there.

Massachusetts "Route 73" at old CT Route 124, MapQuest, 2001
screenshot from MapQuest, 12-22-01

The modern Route 124 was originally (1920s) called SH 302; then from 1932 on, it was called Route 29. Across the New York border, the road became NY 394. In 1966, both 29 and 394 were renamed Route 124. In 1970, New York truncated the southern portion of its Route 124, severing the route.

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