Even though it connects two large suburban towns, and is surrounded by four freeways, Route 364 is a bit off the beaten path. There's even a bit of forest, a lake, and a golf course along its short route.

From 1963 to 1978, when Route 372 displaced it, Route 364 was the highest-numbered signed route in the state.

CT 364 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 364 followed today's Route 163 between Routes 82 and 32 in Montville.

Today's Route 364 was not a state highway at all until July 1962, when the state announced the formation of SR 564, a route the state would maintain but not post with a route number. This change was in the midst of a statewide reclassification of highways.

A year later, however, SR 564 was given a signed route number: 364.

Possible extension declined

In 1960, the state Committee to Reclassify All Public Roads recommended adding Norton Road, Hudson Street and part of Worthington Ridge Road in Berlin to the state highway system. This would create a link from Route 71, just north of Route 364, to the Berlin Turnpike.

No number was assigned to this proposal, but it could have been an extension of Route 364 (or less likely, Route 160).

However, property owners along those streets opposed the takeover, and Berlin First Selectman Arthur B. Powers petitioned the state to abandon the plan. (His interest in highways persisted; from 1979 to 1981, Powers served as the Commissioner of the DOT.)

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