• Length 3.45 miles
  • From Route 35 in Ridgefield
  • To US 7 in Ridgefield

Route 102 used to extend to the New York state line, but now exists entirely within Ridgefield.

CT 102 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 102 followed today's Route 85 from Colchester to New London.

The modern Route 102 was commissioned in 1932, from the 1920s SH 329. It originally extended beyond Route 35 to the New York state line along Catoonah Street, High Ridge Avenue, Barry Road, and West Mountain Road, for a length of 7.54 miles. The road was straightened in Branchville in 1958, resulting in a length of 7.48 miles.

The 1961 route reclassification called for the section west of Route 35 to be returned to the town; however, that remained under arbitration into the 1970s. The Route 102 designation of that section was dropped on March 1, 1979 and renumbered secret route SR 822: still under state maintenance, but no longer signposted.

Also in 1961, the state abandoned plans to realign a portion of Route 102 east of Route 35. The new road would have started at the corner of West Lane and Main Street (Route 33 and Route 35), continuing east to intercept present-day Route 102 near its intersection with Rockwell Road. This was opposed by town officials, who wanted no new roads in the village district, and wanted to preserve a pre-revolutionary house that would have been destroyed.

CT 102 Quotes

"... with the passage of this bill, state route 102, West Mountain Road, will become the property of the town of Ridgefield... I consider that this state route 102 is an inter-state highway, one that serves through traffic from Westchester County in New York, to other parts of this state, and consideration of that fact must have been overlooked."

Selectman Paul J. Morganti, in a 1961 statement opposing the Route 102 transfer to the town

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