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Television's most famous highway is Route 66. In the movies, however, the most well-known Route title is Route 666, a horror yarn about zombies, federal agents, and an abandoned stretch of Arizona road along original Route 66.
   There are even other Route titled movies, for routes 2, 4, 7, 10, 31, 52, 66, and 69. There's very little info for these other movies, but you can check out IMDB search: Route.

I-225  Colorado (link)

12.00 miles [1note]; from I-25 to I-70, serving Aurora (near Denver). Finished around 1976.

Another declined letter-suffix interstate: 25E

The Colorado Department of Highways originally proposed the number I-25E for what is now I-225 and I-270; in 1958 AASHTO turned it down. [2note] New letter-suffixed interstates are prohibited now, and almost all existing ones have been renumbered. Even in the late 1950s, AASHTO was discouraging a practice that was common with U.S. numbered routes.

Other letter-suffix proposals include I-59B (today's I-459), I-95E (I-195, Providence), and I-63N (I-695, D. C.).

The only letter-suffix interstate remaining: I-35E/W, in Dallas-Fort Worth and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

225 once proposed for C[I]-470

On Dec. 13, 1968, as part of that year's Federal Aid Highway Act, the FHWA approved an extension of I-225 for a southwestern Denver bypass. On May 2, 1969, this was renumbered to I-470; but in the mid-1970s, I-470 was cancelled, and on Sept. 20, 1977, the number was withdrawn.

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I-425 (numbered as another interstate)  Colorado (link)

Interstate 425 was a late 1950s proposal for what is now I-270 and I-76, from I-70 to I-25 in northeastern metro Denver. On Feb. 26, 1959, I-425 was shorted and renumbered I-270, and I-76 (formerly I-80S) was extended. [2note]


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