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I-910 (not signed as interstate)  Louisiana (link)

9.70 miles [1note]; an unposted numbering for US 90 Business in metro New Orleans, from Interstate 10 to the end of the elevated West Bank Expressway. Louisiana had requested Interstate 49 for this segment, as it intends to extend I-49 in a sweeping loop along US 90 from its current terminus at I-10 in Lafayette.

The US 90 corridor was designated part of the I-49 corridor by federal legislation in 1991. In May 1999, the state petitioned to apply the I-49 numbering to two existing freeway portions of US 90, near New Orleans and from Raceland to Berwick. In September 1999, AASHTO turned these down since neither is connected to I-49 proper. However, they offered the I-910 designation for the West Bank Expressway until I-49 is extended. [4note]

There was some discussion locally whether the interstate designation would help (higher economic profile) or hurt (loss of local control). [2note]

Will I-910 ever be signed? Maybe

As of January 2003, no I-910 signs have been erected. That month, fellow road historian Stephen Gantry asked LADOTD, Louisiana's highway department, what their plans were. Deidre Adams, DOTD Communications Director, responded:

"... We will soon initiate work on an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a 37 mile stretch of the Corridor west of the Westbank Expressway (i.e., from the Westbank Expressway to Raceland). At the conclusion of this EIS, we will be in a better position to decide whether we will submit an application to the Route Numbering Committee of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to sign the current facility as I-910." [3note]

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