• Length 3.54 miles
  • From the New York state line in Salisbury
  • To Route 4 in Sharon

This short route, numbered after its New York counterpart that no longer exists, was once the highest-numbered signed route in Connecticut. Today, the roadway continues over the state line as New York county route 62.

CT 361 History

Route 361 was formerly part of Route 4, designated on Jan. 1, 1932, which extended to the New York state line. Circa 1936, the continuation in New York was designated NY 361.

In 1967, Connecticut truncated Route 4 at Route 41, and renumbered the remainder to Route 361, for continuity with New York's route. At the same time, for the same reasons, the state renumbered all or part of Route 29, Route 33, and Route 116.

In 1980, New York state demoted NY 361 to county route 62. Connecticut's options for Route 361 at the time were:

Route 361 in Connecticut was left as is.

CT 361 Sources