CT 341
  • Length 15.97 miles
  • From the New York state line in Kent, Conn.
  • To US 202 in Washington, Conn.

Route 341 starts in "thin air" at the state line; New York removed its same-numbered highway many decades ago. Though it's not an official state scenic road, it winds among forests and lakes, connecting the centers of Kent and Warren. After a short overlap with Route 45, Route 341 continues southeast to end at US 202.

CT 341 History

Until 1932, State Highway 341 followed today's Route 63 between Route 8 and Route 188, and Route 188 between Routes 63 and 64. (This all became part of Route 63 in 1932; Route 63 has since then been rerouted).

In 1932, the modern Route 341 was commissioned, from the old State Highway 127 (west of US 7) and SH 299 (east of Route 45). It was one of only two route numbers in the 300s at the time, for number continuity with a connecting New York highway. (The other route: 343.)

New York removed its own Route 341 in the 1940s.