• Length 9.80 miles
  • From Route 69 in Wolcott
  • To I-691 exit 4 in Southington

Route 322 started as a connector from Wolcott to I-84 in Southington – but has now taken over part of old Route 66 as well.

At the Wolcott/Southington town line is a one-mile stretch of 10% downhill grade (see photo by MJBarnes) offering dramatic views of the Metacomet Ridge and valley. However, it's also a hazard for runaway trucks or, when icy, any vehicle.

CT 322 History

In the 1920s, state highway 322 followed today's Route 152 in Orange.

In Wolcott, SR 522 existed as an unsigned state road for 0.66 miles, along Center Street, from Route 69 to Bound Line Road. This possibly dates back to the 1930s. To follow state roads from Wolcott to Southington, however, you would need to first drive south along Route 69 to Waterbury.

In 1960, the state Committee to Reclassify All Public Roads recommended adding a 2.76-mile connector along Nichols Road and Todd Road to the state highway system. This is about 1.5 miles south and 1 mile west of the present Route 322.

I don't have a record of whether the town protested, or town and state came to an agreement on the present-day alignment; the matter appears not to have gone to arbitration. In 1962, SR 522 was extended along Center Street, County Road, and East Street; and the Nichols Road/Todd Road plan was discarded.

In 1963, SR 522 was promoted to signed Route 322, a 4.3-mile connector from Route 69 to the Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike (US 6A at the time). In 1967, Route 322 gained another 1.7 miles, to I-84, when US 6A was decommissioned. When I-691 completed in late 1987, Route 322 inherited 3.8 more miles from Route 66.

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