• Summary This route never existed in Connecticut, but we discuss the number briefly

An unlucky number, Route 13 was never assigned, for the safety of Connecticut drivers. Believing in lucky and unlucky numbers is considered silly but still widely practiced. Route numbers such as 4, 7, 8, 13, 17, 23, 69, 420, and 666 may carry extra significance among drivers and residents.

In the past, some route numbers have had to be changed:

There was never a Route 13. But was there?

However: in 1934, the biennial report to the highway commissioner mentions design work on "Route 13" in New Britain. Possibly the writer meant pre-1932 route 113 (now Route 175); but the one-line mention doesn't provide enough information.

CT 13 Sources

Connecticut Highway Department. Highway Commissioner's Biennial Report. Wethersfield: 1934.