CT 122
  • Length 3.51 miles
  • From I-95 SB exit 43 ramp in West Haven
  • To Route 63 in New Haven

Route 122 is an urban arterial serving Allingtown, Westville and the University of New Haven.

CT 122 History

In the 1920s, State Highway 122 followed today's Route 25 between US 1 and US 6.

The modern route 122 dates back to 1932. The original route was 8.87 miles long:

In 1951, Route 158 was deleted, and Route 122 was extended north, taking over most of Route 158, to Route 63, where its north end is today.

In 1967, Routes 162 and 122 were changed. The south end of Route 122 was truncated to I-95 at SR 745 (First Ave.) Route 162 was extended about 5 miles southwest along former Route 122 to US 1.

Route 122 relocation at Savin Rock

In the early 1960s, a redevelopment plan for the Savin Rock area included relocating Route 122 a couple blocks inland from Beach St. In 1962, the City of West Haven Planning and Zoning Committee announced a comprehensive street plan for the city. This plan recommended that the relocated Route 122 be four lanes wide.

The plan recommended relocating Route 122 between Ocean Ave. and First Ave. This was not completed; but a new late 1980s project harks back to that plan: Capt. Thomas Blvd., a four-lane divided road opened, and a segment of Beach St. was closed. However, Route 122 had already been moved from the area in 1967.

CT 122 Sources