• Length 9.4 miles; 6.63 miles in Connecticut.
  • From Route 12 in Thompson
  • To MA 12 (same highway) in Webster, Mass.

It wouldn't be a stretch to call this multi-state highway "Route 12A", as it reaches Route 12 at each end – and it's a (slightly) more direct route.

CT 193 Turnpikes

At Thompson center and Route 200, Route 193 is part of the Boston Turnpike, a stagecoach toll road that connected Hartford and Boston. The turnpike was incorporated in 1797 and tolls were collected until about 1879.

CT 193 History

State Highway 193 at the time was the name for Center Street in Easton, which from 1932 to 1963 was called Route 106.

In 1932, the modern Route 193 was created, and has not changed noticeably; though its official length did decrease by 0.03 miles between 1954 and 1978. What's more interesting is what was apparently proposed in 1963.

So long, Route 21

The ConnDOT spreadsheet of route changes includes the following items for 1963, which apparently were proposed but withdrawn; they never appear on maps:

A longer, straighter Route 193 does make sense; but perhaps the change was judged too disruptive. Route 193 and Route 21 remained unchanged.

CT 193 Sources