• Length 2.09 miles
  • From Route 182 at Pinney Street in Colebrook
  • To Route 183 in Colebrook (signed); to Route 182 at Old Colebrook Road in Colebrook (official)

Route 182A is Connecticut's only surviving 3-digit "A" highway.

Its length includes an 0.80-mile overlap with Route 183 to connect back with Route 182 at Old Colebrook Road; however, that overlap isn't signed. The portion motorists see, along Rockwell Road, is one of the state's shortest routes, at 1.29 miles.

CT 182A History

Originally, Rockwell Road was part of Route 182; in 1940, Route 182 was moved south and Route 182A was created. The original definition was the 1.29-mile stretch of Rockwell Road only (measured as 1.30 miles at the time). State maps of Colebrook in 1973 and 1983 imply that Route 182A was silently extended on paper during that time.