• Summary Old number for part of Maple Avenue in Old Saybrook.
  • From 1935
  • To 1965

Route 154A was a 1.85-mile route bisecting the Route 154 loop south of US 1 from southwest to northeast. It followed Maple Avenue from Summerfield Road to Main Street.

In 1932, this was part of Route 154 itself; but in 1935, that segment of Route 154 was relocated to Great Hammock Road, and Maple Avenue became Route 154A.

The state's 1961 route reclassification called for turning over Route 154A to the town. Local officials tried to persuade the state to retain the road (along with US 1A and Route 166, saying it was in bad condition. They asked for the following:

The issue remained under arbitration until January 1965, when an arbitration committee ruled that, after a drainage project near Allen Street is finished, Route 154A should be cancelled. This took place in 1965.

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