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Interstate 69 Setting aside its numerological significance in pop culture, I-69 is notable for two reasons:
  1. A change in direction from north-south to east-west near Lansing
  2. A planned extension from Indianapolis to three planned border crossings in Texas
The so-called NAFTA Interstate project was selected as a high-priority corridor in 1991, and given the I-69 designation in 1998. For more information, see i69info.com (Chris Lawrence)

All 3di's on this page other than I-469 are proposed, and would connect to the extended I-69.

I-169 (proposed)  Tennessee (link)

The Interstate 169 designation has been proposed in two locations:

  • TN 22 from Martin to Union City, Tenn., along with the Tyson Bypass
  • the proposed Greenville Connector Route, connecting future I-69 and the future US 82 bypass in Greenville, Miss.

Union City

In January 2002, the Tennessee state senate issued a resolution "to express support for the designation of State Route 22 from Martin to Union City and the Tyson Bypass in Union City as an interstate highway link to Interstate 69." [5note]

Background and reasoning includes: Proposed Interstate 69 will follow US 51 in the area; TN 22 is already built to interstate standards; and the Tyson Bypass is nearing completion. The number proposed in the resolution for the link is Interstate 169. [5note]


The I-169 number has also been mentioned regarding the proposed Greenville Connector Route, an expressway to connect future I-69 and the future US 82 bypass in Greenville, Miss.

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I-269 (proposed)  Tennessee; Mississippi (link)

Interstate 269 is a proposed eastern outer loop for Memphis. (The I-669 number had earlier been nominated for this route.)

I-69 itself was once proposed to follow this bypass route, [6note] but the 2003 plan is to have it follow I-55, I-240 and I-40 through downtown.

I-269 would start at I-55/future I-69 at MS 304 near Hernando, Miss. It would continue on one of three proposed alignments to with TN 385 at Collierville. Then, using future and completed parts of TN 385, it would continue north and west to the new I-69 just west of US 51 near Millington, Tenn. [8note]

As of early November 2004, the preferred route for I-269 is the middle of the three alignments, "B1". [9note] In April 2005, funding was discussed; and right-of-way acquisition may begin in 2007. [11note]

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I-469  Indiana (link)

30.83 miles [1note]; Interstate 469 is an eastern loop of I-69 serving Fort Wayne. To minimize land taking, the freeway was built with four lanes and a Jersey barrier. It is estimated that I-469 diverts 10,000 trucks daily from the former US 30 route through the city. The total cost was about $208 million. [7note]


In the early 1970s, the need for a bypass around Fort Wayne was evident. I-69 passed by to the west, but ten U. S. and state routes passed through the city. In 1971 the bypass was included in the city's transportation plan.

Originally an expressway, not a freeway, was proposed: access partially controlled, with some at-grade signaled intersections. Later, planners decided a full freeway was needed. [7note]

Construction began in 1988 or 1989. On June 6, 1989, AASHTO approved the I-469 designation, [10note] and in July 1989 Gov. Evan Bayh announced Fort Wayne's newest interstate highway. [7note] In November 1990, the interchange with US 30 opened, completing the southernmost 2/3 of the freeway. In October 1992, five more miles opened, up to IN 37. On October 23, 1995, the completed road, up to then signed state route 469, became an interstate. [2note] [3note] [4note]

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I-669 (numbered as another interstate)  Tennessee; Mississippi (link)

Interstate 669 was a proposed designation for the future TN 385 - MS 304 beltway near Memphis. In September 2003, Tennessee DOT released a newsletter indicating this will be called I-269.

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