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Interstate 10 has more mileage within Texas than on either side?

California, Arizona, New Mexico: 797.12 miles

Texas: 880.60 miles

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida: 780.64 miles

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I-410 (numbered as another interstate)  Arizona (link)

Once-proposed numbering for what is now I-10 between its two interchanges with I-17 in Phoenix. The L-shaped segment of I-17 between those points was originally I-10.

Interstate 410 was added to Arizona's system on Dec. 13, 1968, as part of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1968. [6note]. It has appeared on at least one map (1970 Phoenix city map, by Gousha). It was even signed for awhile in the early 1970s, but only on the approach from I-10 (starting in August 1971). On the short freeway itself (extending to Buckeye Road), there were no I-410 signs. [5note]

The north-south portion, which includes the Buckeye Road interchange, was earlier called I-510, a number approved on Nov. 10, 1958. [6note]. This was signed I-510 for a while.

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I-410 (cancelled)  Louisiana (link)

I-410 was cancelled twice in Louisiana.

The first, cancelled in the late 1970s, would have run along Airline Highway (US 61) in Baton Rouge. (Currently, 61 is a freeway near I-110.)

410ish bypass idea studied in late '04

In late 2004, a study solicited by the Capital Region Planning Commission proposed a $910 million bypass of Baton Rouge to the north. Starting at I-10 near LA 415 in West Baton Rouge Parish, the highway would continue north and east to the existing US 190 river bridge. Moving east (close to the original I-410 proposal), the bypass would intercept I-12 near Walker. [9note]

The highway, if it were approved, might be completed by 2020. [9note]


I-410 (cancelled)  Louisiana (link)

There were two of these proposed in Louisiana.

The second, a 48-mile loop, would have connected I-310 and I-510, paralleling the West Bank Expressway (BR 90) about 20 miles to the south. The funds for this road were transferred to I-49. [2note] [3note]

In 2003, however, Louisiana's list of proposed "Megaprojects" included a new 43-mile freeway linking I-310 and I-510 ... in essence, reviving the 410 proposal. [7note]

See also: I-310; I-510 (with details of new proposed 310/510 connector)


I-410  Texas (link)

49.49 miles [1note]; the John B. Connally Loop; implied full beltway (a few miles belong to I-35, not I-410) around San Antonio. Completed by 1968.


On Oct. 1, 1959, the Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) approved I-410 at a location leading from I-10 northwest of San Antonio looping clockwise to I-35 near Fort Sam Houston, east of the city. [8note]

The remaining portion, today's northern leg of I-410, was originally part of State Loop 13, a highway designation dating back to 1939. In October 1960 this was renamed State Loop 410 for number continuity. In July 1969 this was added to Interstate 410. [8note]

Widening I-410

In 2000, Texas started a nearly $500 million upgrade to 15 miles of I-410 north of San Antonio. The project, the largest in city history, involves widening the roadway from six to ten lanes, and adding four-level stack interchanges at I-10 and US 281. [4note]

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