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I-385  South Carolina (link)

42.16 miles [1note]; from I-26 near Clinton, across I-85, to downtown Greenville.

The original I-385 was the 6.21-mile segment north of I-85 leading into Greenville. In 1982 it was extended southward to US 276 near Mauldin, and over an existing section of US 276 to meet I-26. [4note]

The US 276 freeway dates back to the 1960s.

Around 2004, South Carolina widened most of the original portion of Interstate 385 (about 5.8 miles) to six lanes, between I-85 and just west of US 276. [3note] [4note]

There is an I-385 Business spur along E. North Street in Greenville (see photo - GribbleNation).

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I-385 (numbered as another interstate)  Virginia (link)

Once a proposed numbering for part of current I-85 in Petersburg. For more info, see I-795, which was proposed for the same area. [2note]


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