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I-210 (numbered as another interstate)  Alabama (link)

This is the original number approved for a proposed highway connecting I-65 to I-10 in Mobile. The 6.25-mile project was conceived decades ago; Alabama requested federal interstate funding in 1958. [20note]

In 1980, the project was approved as Interstate 210. However, as public hearings and studies continued, local opposition helped stop the highway just short of I-10. [11note] One of the early I-210 alternatives, a spur from I-65 ending at Bauregard Street, was selected instead; [20note], and in 1987, the highway was renumbered I-165. [19note] It opened in 1996.

Though I-210/165 never reached I-10, an interchange was constructed there, just west of the George Wallace Tunnel. It is now used for Exit 26, Water Street, leading to US 43 and downtown Mobile. [20note]

See also: Interstate 210 - Alabama (aaroads; photos detailed history of I-210 alternatives)


I-210  California (link)

48.72 miles [1note]; Foothill Freeway; from I-5 in Sylmar to I-10 near Pomona. I-210 was approved as a chargeable interstate on Sept. 15, 1955. [4note] [6note] The first segment opened in 1955; the last, in 1981. In the early 1970s, completed portions were co-signed with CA 118, which went through the area. [3note]

I-210 is currently being rerouted and extended to I-10 in Redlands. The short north-south segment between Glendora (the "elbow") and I-10 near Pomona has already been redesignated as a northern extension of CA 57.

Michigan had similar ideas around Detroit

When the number for this route was being decided (in the 1950s), California suggested "Interstate 12," then "Interstate 14." [10note]

A 5.4 mile gap of I-210 had been delayed because of a habitat of red-nosed frogs; after it flooded out, however, the go-ahead was given to complete the freeway. [15note]

Extending I-210: Introduction

Interstate 210 will be extended almost 30 miles to I-10 in Redlands, east of San Bernardino, I-15, and I-215. About half of the new highway is open to traffic and marked CA 210. The extension will probably be designated I-210, but not until all segments are complete (in 2007). The freeway will be 8 lanes wide including 2 HOV lanes.

Putting it together

The 210 extension consists of the following segments, moving west to east:

  • Glendora to La Verne: former CA 30 freeway, already open.
  • La Verne to Day Creek Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga (14 miles): opened Nov. 24, 2002. At this time, the short north-south portion of I-210 was resigned CA 57, as explained above. [17note]
  • Day Creek Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga to Sierra Ave, Fontana (5.5 miles; includes I-15 interchange): opened Aug. 20, 2001. [12note] It is rumored that this opening was delayed because the decision to sign the segment as 210 instead of 30 was made quite late in the process. [13note]
  • Sierra Ave, Fontana to I-215, San Bernardino: should open by 2007. [16note]
  • San Bernardino to I-10 in Redlands: former CA 30 freeway, already open.

Extending I-210: Background

The full Foothill Freeway was first conceived in 1948, [14note] and it was added to the state's planned freeway system in 1959. In 1968, California petitioned AASHTO to add an interstate between I-210 at San Dimas to I-15 at Fontana, but this was denied. [10note] The freeway extension received funding in 1989. [14note]

In February 1998, State proposal AB 2388 called for eliminating CA 30 and extending 210 about 28 miles along 30's path to cross I-15 and reach I-10 in Redlands. [4note] In November 1998, California petitioned AASHTO to reroute the I-210 designation in the same manner; but AASHTO "deferred action" on that proposal, as it was unknown if the state had also asked FHWA to add the route to the interstate system. [21note]

In July 1999, a bill was approved creating a CA 210 designation from Glendora (the eastern "elbow" in I-210) to San Bernardino. This replaces the short section of existing CA 30 freeway at I-210, and incorporates new mileage under construction. The portion of I-210 south of the 210 elbow would be reassigned to CA 57. [5note] On April 16, 1999, California resubmitted the I-210 proposal to AASHTO, but then withdrew it. [8note]

Easy on, easy off

An unfortunate side effect of the 210 extension is (as of January 2003) in increase in bank robberies in the area: gang members from Los Angeles are reported to have robbed several banks there, as the nearby 210 offers a quick getaway. Some detectives have nicknamed the freeway the "211", based on the penal code number for armed robbery. [18note]

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I-210  Louisiana (link)

12.40 miles [1note]; serves Lake Charles, looping south of I-10. Completed around 1980.


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