• Summary An old numbering for West Lane in Ridgefield (today's SR 835).

No longer assigned, Route 35A was a 1.02-mile segment of West Lane in Ridgefield, leading from the New York state line to Route 35.

When Route 35 was commissioned in 1932, it followed West Lane all the way from Main Street to the New York state line. In 1933 or 1934, part of Route 35 was relocated to South Salem Road, to cross the state line slightly to the north. The remainder of Route 35 became Route 35A.

Connecticut did not need to coordinate these numbering changes with New York; the Empire State did not designate its own portion of Route 35 until 1942, and never designated a Route 35A on its side.

In 1963, Route 35A was renumbered to unsigned SR 835.

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