CT 23
  • Summary A probable planned but unused number for Route 104 in Stamford.

Route 23 has never existed in Connecticut. But an old planning map hints that it might once have been planned.

CT 23 History

A possible, but not certain, early Route 23

Route 27, and maybe 23, 31
November 1931 numbering plan, Stamford area with erased route numbersIn November 1931, some erasures give clues to earlier proposed route numbers.

On a November 1931 planning map, some interesting erasures hint at early proposed route numbers in the southwest. The state came up with a mostly geographical clustering of north-south routes, from Route 29 (now Route 124) in Darien and New Canaan to Route 95 (now Route 49) near the Rhode Island state line. However, there were clear plans for Route 137 to be called Route 27, and for Route 104 probably to be Route 23. Looking closely, one can see a Route 20-something.

This map (and the 1932 state map) have routes 104 and 137 switched, which is likely a mistake and was not signed that way. The numbers match their New York counterparts, which were not switched.

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