Music POWER Nimby

Sept. 17, 1998

Use the tune from the Association's "Windy" -- until I make a new one

Who never met a highway he didn't hate
Who wishes cars would just disappear
Who do you curse when you're stuck in traffic
Everyone knows it's Nimby

Who moved into a new subdivision
New office, high school, Safeway and church
Who wants to slam the gate shut behind him.
Everyone knows it's Nimby.

Who breaks her nail and cries "It's a scandal!"
Who's looking out for only herself
Zealously guards her property values
Everyone knows it's Nimby.

(chorus:) He hugs his tree day and night
Completely convinced he's right
The neighborhood's brave white knight
All in his mind

Who thinks that straightening curves rewards speeders
Who wants a speed bump on the main street
Who wants to close his street to through traffic
Everyone knows it's Nimby.

And if you ask him for a solution
He'll change the subject or turn away
Maybe he'll say "There's not enough stop signs"
Everyone knows it's Nimby.

(chorus:) His head pulled out of his ass
He sticks it back in the sand
And wouldn't life just be grand
If he had his way....
Every day...

Who wants outsiders to take mass transit
Who's calling all opponents insane
Who's shouting down the mayor in the town hall
Everyone knows it's Nimby.

Advisory: the material you have just read was extremely one-sided and inflammatory, and is not intended to spark evenhanded debate. Be sure to have used discretion while reading.

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