Welcome to WWTBAM, the roadgeek edition!

This game's questions and answers are from Robert V. Droz. It plays a lot like the American gameshow "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" hosted by Regis Philbin.

As you answer each multiple-choice question correctly, they get more difficult, and are worth more money. You can quit any time to keep the payout of the last question you answered correctly. If you answer one incorrectly, however, the game ends as well, and your winnings drop down to the nearest 'threshold' value (shown in red).

Unlike the show, there are no lifelines. Also, it is possible to cheat using your Back button or a search engine; but try playing 'clean' for a greater challenge.

Good luck!

You currently have $0.

This question is worth $100.

The highest number currently used on US highways is

US 101

US 730

US 830

US 999

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